Transform limiting beliefs with PSYCH-K®


The mind under the waterline

Regardless of how many insights, good intentions and effort we bring to the game, old patterns can keep sabotaging us. And yet another ‘deep conversation’ or autobiographical exercise don’t make them go away. Apparently something else is needed…

Most of our mental activity (95%!) takes place beyond our conscious awareness. Fortunately so, because if we would have to consciously plan each heartbeat or inbreath, we wouldn’t be alive.

Because most of our physiological – but also emotional and mental – processes run automatically in the subconscious mind, we can use the remaining 5% of our mental capacity to think, speak, and act.

So, everything in the subconscious mind has been programmed to keep us alive. The mind can be considered as a warehouse full of applications and programs that run automatically when (they seem) necessary.

Old habits die hard

But… what worked once, in a specific context, is not guaranteed to work always and everywhere. Thus, the mechanism that automatically runs an old pattern is not always to our benefit. Quite the opposite: more often it doesn’t help us at all.

Would you like to discover the old beliefs limiting you? Just look at what is not working for you in your life today:

  • I am not feeling as I would like to feel
  • I am not accomplishing what I would like to accomplish.

By asking yourself why things are not working for you, you get access to possible limiting subconscious beliefs in your mind.

And now changing them – how?

Molecular biologists and neuroscientists have found that subconscious beliefs are literally stored in the cells in our body.

“It is our beliefs that select our genes and select our behavior.”

This means that we have to communicate with the body and use the body to reprogram and transform.

“It is our beliefs that select our genes, and thus select our behavior.”
Bruce Lipton, PhD
The Biology of Belief

Whole-brain postures

PSYCH-K® is a very simple, yet comprehensive method for transforming limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs at the level of the subconscious mind.

With the use of simple body work – specific types of ‘whole-brain postures’ –  we restore the balance and the communication between the brain hemispheres, thus regaining access to your full potential in the context of the theme at hand. After this ‘balancing’, your subconscious mind will support rather than sabotage you in your endeavors.

How will you notice?

People with the potential of becoming a grand slam tennis player will still have to take out their racket and practice in order to realize this potential. This is why in PSYCH-K® we always identify the specific actions you will take after the session. The joy and ease you experience in doing them says it all. The proof of the pudding is in the eating.

PSYCH-K® Alix Royer
Reflexies Coaching

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“A different approach from what I had seen before: focus on the power of the subconscious.”
Clients about Reflexies
“PSYCH-K® is an immediate, impactful way of working with deeply rooted mindsets. I experienced the sessions with Alix as a process of opening a strongbox. Very subtly and precisely, Alix hits the beliefs that got stuck in the body, click by click, until the strongbox opens. I literally felt a new awareness appear, light shine through and space open up.”
Clients about Reflexies