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Ready for some peace?

Mindfulness and other meditation techniques are proven methods for developing a stable mind. We can actually train the brain to calm the mind, enhance its stability, creativity, wisdom, and compassion.

Guided by several highly realized meditation teachers, Alix has developed a steady practice. She taught corporate-based mindfulness and offers guided visualizations to help you relax and access your inner resources.

When suited, Alix includes meditation guidance in her coaching and counseling. Besides guiding you in ‘traditional’ mindfulness, Alix also offers introductions to Energy Clearing and Effortless Mindfulness.

Energy Clearing

Some people are more sensitive to the energies surrounding them than others. For some, it may even be hard not to ‘fall prey’ to the heavy, negative energies they seem to pick up from their environment.

The technique of Energy Clearing was developed by Eric Dowsett. Alix was trained to practice Energy Clearing by Juno Burger.

Using Energy Clearing, it becomes easy and natural to let energy just flow through you, rather than color your being.

Energy Clearing

The core question in Energy Clearing is, “What is alive in me now?” 

Just noticing and then asking, “Can I be with that?”

And if you can’t, asking, “Can I be with the resistance against that which is alive in me now?”

Practice… practice… practice…

Effortless Mindfulness

Where keeping our attention focused on something may often feel like hard work – especially in the stimulus-crazy world we are living in – being present from awake awareness is effortless, yet alert.

After 20+ years of practicing ‘traditional’ mindfulness, Alix is now studying and practicing Effortless Mindfulness with Loch Kelly, who has authorized her to share her experiences with others.

Effortless mindfulness
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