7/11 Breathing for relaxation

Reflexies 7/11

A simple, yet powerful practice from bringing down anxiety. Listen and practice… (in Dutch, English version following soon):

Mindfulness of breathing

Mindfulness of the breath by Reflexies

A short introduction to the first foundation of mindfulness (in Dutch, English coming up):

Clearing meditation

Energy Clearing by Reflexies

Experience and practice energy clearing (in Dutch, English version coming up):

I am the rain...

Reflexies I am

… And the flat wet roof

I am the child

And the hearing

of the crying

The sorrow

and the kiss.

I am the clock

And the ticking

and the time

And the rush

and the rest.

I am all and nothing

Just being…

All is in Wonderland I

Light says, “See me”
Sound says, “Hear me”
Air says, “Breathe me”
Pain says, “Feel me”
Craving says, “Leave me”
Mankind says, “Love me”
Life says, “Live me”

Reflexies All is in Wonderland I

All is in Wonderland II

Reflexies All is in Wonderland II

It isn’t what it was
It won’t be what it is

What is this?

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