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Scroll down to find out about brief treatment of trauma, depression, anxiety, burnout with Human Givens Therapy, Internal Family Systems, and  PSYCH-K®.

Human Givens by Reflexies

Human Givens

Even if you are successful at work, studies or relationship, you may encounter a personal issue. An obstacle manifesting as anxiety, depression or other lack of emotional freedom. If you are used to keeping on going, you may pretend nothing is wrong for quite a while…

The Human Givens-methodology for counseling and therapy is a fast, solution-focused method deploying your own natural resources.

Human Givens counseling is particularly effective for resolving trauma and anxiety.

An important aspect of Human Givens-counseling is its gentle and light nature. As a counselor, I do not dig deeper than necessary, nor do we spend hours analyzing the past, do I ask you to relive painful memories for the umpteenth time, and in the course of the counseling, you learn to relax easily and deeply – very useful if you realize that our common sense ‘switches off’ under stress.

Internal Family Systems Therapy

We all have different ‘parts’ that take turns in showing up: a controller part, a avoid-painful-feelings part, a rebel part, a rational part, etc. 

Most parts serve to protect our more vulnerable, exiled parts – the hurt or ignored little girl, the bullied young boy, and so on.

And we have Self, our confident, compassionate, creative core. 

By accessing Self-energy, we develop the ability to connect with our protector parts, understand and acknowledge them, and free them up to transform into more up-to-date roles. We can create a safe space for our exiled parts to reappear and re-connect us with their original creativity and energy.

The result is a more effortless way of choosing from authenticity and living the life that you were REALLY meant to live.

Career Counseling Reflexies


Hard as we may work to train new behaviors, we will not succeed as long as limiting (subconscious) beliefs are in the way.

Using muscle testing – the body doesn’t lie – we identify the subconscious beliefs that sabotage you accomplishing your goals. Then, with the help of simple body work, we transform those limiting beliefs into supporting beliefs.

PSYCH-K® by Reflexies

To find out more, go to the PSYCH-K® page.

Often, two to three sessions is what it takes to clear up – transform – patterns that may have been keeping you from leading the life you’ve yearned for for years.

PSYCH-K® originator Rob Williams describes the method as ‘The Missing Piece Peace in Your Life’. My personal experience with PSYCH-K® confirms this. After a single session, clients told me they felt “as if I have wings”, “light and powerful”.

“You are a wise and warm-hearted woman who uses all that knowledge and wisdom to help people genuinely develop.”
Clients about Reflexies
“You make me think, as well as connect with my feelings. I had the courage to access my vulnerability, felt very safe and at ease.”
Clients about Reflexies

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