About Alix Royer

Picture by Jan Willem Groen, Oogfoto

Alix studied French language and culture at the Sorbonne in Paris and Spanish and psychology at the Universiteit of Utrecht. She worked as a management trainer, communications specialist and recruiter (with McKinsey & Company). In 1992, Alix started RefleXies, often collaborating with other independent colleagues and businesses.

Since the mid-90s, Alix has practiced Buddhist philosophy, psychology and meditation, led and inspired by both Tibetan and Western teachers. It turned out that Buddhist psychology and philosophy offered what she had hoped to find in academic education.

Alix was a senior consultant/trainer of Corporate Based Mindfulness with Potential Project and a senior facilitator of transformation with Aberkyn.

Alix works at the crossroads of the (sub-) conscious mind, psyche, and brain. For the last few years, she has been exploring consciousness development from a broader perspective. Meditation continues to be a regular practice.

Alix is married to Robert and mother to two sons and a daughter. Friendships, music (making as well as listening to), cooking, pilates, being in nature, photography and open water swimming make her happy.

What makes me tick?

  • Face it – Embrace it. Facing and fully, openheartedly embracing whatever happens. (Not easy, but the only way for me.) 
  • People, what moves them or blocks them, and how they realize their ‘self-clearing’ capacity 
  • Learning and discovering.
  • The ‘light-switch’. The moments a client and I see the light switch on. (Nothing makes me happier than happy people…). 
  • The growing awareness of new, different ways of producing, consuming, and organizing. Away from (economic) growth as a goal in itself, to a focus on: what are the real issues and how do we solve those? Sustainable harmony as an alternative to sustainable growth (which is, if you think of it, more of an oxymoron).

Alix Royer, MSc                              (clinical and developmental psychologist)

Alix works in Dutch, English, French, German

Professional Memberships:

  • NIP (Dutch Institute of Psychologists)
  • Human Givens Nederland (professional organization of licensed Human Givens therapists)
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