Face it...

Problems are seldom caused by facts. Nearly always the problem lies in the way we view those facts, the meaning we give to them, the stories we tell. A heavy rain shower is in itself neither good or bad. It is a blessing for the farmer and a disaster for the tourist.

Reflexies helps look, listen, see: what are the facts and what is your story? Is this the only possible story, or are other stories conceivable with those same facts? What happens to your problem if you tell a different story? Or if you tell no story at all?

Can you face the facts and even radically accept them? What changes if you do?

...Embrace it

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Mindfulness Alix Royer


“Your empathy, industry experience and personality are a great contribution.”
Clients about Reflexies
“I recommend Alix to everyone: an open-minded, honest, intelligent, and warm-hearted coach."
Clients about Reflexies
“Not lingering with the question why something is the way it is, but moving ahead and cleaning up!”
Clients about Reflexies

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