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Personal Coaching

If living – professionally or personally – feels more like struggling, if you are not accomplishing your goals as you would like, when you could do with a reset of your objectives, Personal Coaching with RefleXies may be what you are looking for.

Areas of specialism include: (self-) leadership, burnout prevention and recovery, work-life balance, personal growth.

When Alix started work as a coach, by the end of 1992, coaching was virtually non-existent in the Netherlands. Her permanent professional growth and development have made Alix one of the most experienced and multi-faceted coaches. 

Clients describe Alix as wise, to the point, working from ‘tough love’, safe and challenging, fun.

Personal Coaching Retreat

Are you ready for a real breakthrough in your professional and personal development? Today rather than tomorrow?

If the answer is yes, the Personal Coaching Retreat is for you.

In two-three consecutive days you accomplish what in a regular coaching process would take three to six months. After an intake, in which we jointly define your coaching objectives, you receive a tailor-made proposal for a ‘deep dive’.

Personal Coaching Retreat Alix Royer

We meet far from the busy city life. Retreats usually start after lunch. We work outdoors if possible and indoors if needed. 

Dinners and nights are on your own in the hotel or B&B of your choice. 

Depending on your personal wishes, the retreat comes as an intensive – lots of work in a short period of time – or as a real retreat – ample time for relaxation and reflection. We meet again for a debrief a few weeks after the retreat to look back at the process and the outcomes. If needed, we plan additional coaching sessions; often most the work is done. 

Team Coaching

Whether it’s a new team, or you as a leader just joined, together identifying what your purpose is in the context of your organization and society, as well as how you will shape this, is the most valuable investment you can make. 

Alix and her network partners have many years of experience and a huge repertoire of interventions, enabling both yearning and resistance to become the raw materials for flourishing and success. 

Some examples:

  • A relatively young leader is appointed to lead a team in which a number of senior members have little faith in “such a young kid”
  • A team had more than three successive leaders in five years, causing them to move into an anarchistic survival mode
  • A team has only met online for months now and people are feeling the connection slip away.
Reflexies Contact
“Glad it did not feel like being manipulated by psychological tricks, and that we did not just talk forever, but actually did something to solve the problem.”
Clients about Reflexies
“Confrontational but open-minded and relaxed, so I could respond at my own time and in my own way.”
Clients about Reflexies

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