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Blog - Connecting the Dots

As children, we used to make those ‘connect-the-dots-and-look-what-appears’ puzzles. A great counting exercise, as well as eye-hand coordination practice.

Growing up, the challenge became to recognize the figure without bothering to connect the dots; sometimes, it was blatantly clear that a sea lion balancing a ball on its nose was hidden in the dots. And a few years later, we stopped connecting dots altogether.

Or did we?

In fact, we spend our lives connecting dots to make sense of life. Except that the dots are no longer numbered, so it is up to us to decide what the dots and the order are.

We only connect those dots that we recognize as dots, and each of us has unique skills (or lack thereof) in this .

An example: Connect the following dots and name the result:

  • A room measuring 12-30 m2.
  • A wooden floor
  • High stools
  • Large window
  • Music and lights
  • Smell of stale beer
  • A bar

The answer: probably a pub.

Another example: A man walks into a pub, aims his gun at the barman, who pours him a glass of water. The man drops the gun, drinks the water, thanks the barman, and leaves.

You may know this riddle; the point is to find out why happened what happened. A fun game, which can take hours as there is only one right answer.

What about this one: Water. Glass. Red. Fish scales. Wailing. Heat.

What do you make of this? More in part 2 of this blog…